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Science Of Whole Body Vibration Training

Whole Body Vibration (WBV) Training is being considered as a modern way to conduct physical exercise in a better way to improve the shape of your body and overall health. WBV training has been gaining immense popularity among different parts of the world including US, UK, Canada and Australia among others. WBV training can not only shape your body or tone your muscles, but it is also being acknowledged as a supportive therapy for treating various health issues such as obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis and chronic/acute back pain.

Whole Body Vibration Training

In simple language, Whole Body Vibration training refers to the physical therapy or conducting workout session by employing vibrations of vibration plates. According to renowned health experts “optimal range of vibration can be a great therapy for the whole body and can increase the muscular strength of the body.” Based on this proven study, WBV training is now being widely used at the fitness centres, rehabilitation centres and among sports professionals.

Several types of researches have been done to explore the different benefits of WBV training. Along with fitness, WBV therapy is also being used for beauty applications. It is being acknowledged that WBV training can work as a supportive agent for keeping people away from the negative effects of ageing. In fact, this sort of training is also gaining popularity among senior citizens.

WBV training plays an important role in improving human health. This therapy is equipped with controlled vibrations that can provide various health benefits like improved muscular strength, improving bone density, reducing cellulite, maintain hormonal balance and much more.

Science Of WBV Training

WBV works on the principle of vibrations, so, in WBV training, the whole body is exposed to vibrations produced by vibration platforms. Every WBV machine contains a Vibration Plate, this plate produces vibrations. While performing exercise on the vibration platform, it transmits vibrations to the body. These vibrations can be easily controlled with the help of frequency range settings. There are two types of vibrating platform available – Oscillating Platform & Vertical Platform. Oscillating plate produces a vibration on pivotal point and creates an oscillation motion, whereas, vertical plate produces a vibration on lineal point and create a vertical motion in a uniform manner. Both plates have their own significance in terms of providing health benefits.
On the top of all is ‘Training Frequency Range’. Frequency range plays a vital role in WBV training. According to Prof. Bosco “ every person has his own muscles frequency”. So, it is essential to take care of frequency range while doing WBV training.

Effects Of Whole Body Vibration Training

Several types of researches have been done by thousands of renowned research centres and health experts, who’ve found both short-term & long-term WBV training effects.[1]

Short-Term Training Effect

  • Activation of more motor units
  • Improvement in circulation
  • Increase in growth hormone

Long-Term Training Effect

  • Reduction in the stress level
  • Improvement in speed & strength
  • Preventing bone fracture and falls

Furthermore, Whole Body Vibration training offers various short term & long term health benefits. All you need to take care about is the frequency range of the WBV machine, don’t go straight to the higher frequency. According to many health experts “20-45 Hz is the optimal frequency range that can deliver a positive result” and can help you achieve your health goals. If you have something to add to this article Or want to share your thoughts with us? Comment below, we will be glad to help you out.

Reference [1]:

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Thinking To Start a Workout? Avoid These 5 Mistakes

Fitness is the call to take your body to the next level. Being fit is not only a gift but a great feeling. If you are a first timer planning to take up a workout routine then you need to know a few key things to ensure that you reap maximum benefits from your workout sessions.

1. Warm-up


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In this fast paced life, you may give in to the temptation of skipping the warm-up and try to spend more time on your workout routine. A warm-up, however, is necessary before any type or exercise. It decreases the chances of injury by increasing the blood flow and temperature of your body and making your muscles more flexible. It also prepares your nervous and cardiovascular system for the workout to be followed. Skipping your warm-up session means your muscles will still be stiff and your body will be highly prone to injuries during your brutal workout session. Also, ensure that your warm-up session focuses the muscles that will be taking maximum stress during the workout.

2. Focussing Only On Cardio

Focussing Only On Cardio

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Cardio exercises no doubt help you keep healthy by burning calories. But focussing only on cardio won’t be enough. As we age, we tend to lose muscles due to inactivity. This loss in muscles will not only increase your chances of falling but can also lead to a slower metabolism. To safeguard yourself from this you need to include strength and resistance training as a part of your workout routine. These exercises will not help make your body stronger but will also boost your metabolism and build muscles. Muscles are like natural fat burners that burn calories even when you’re resting. So, more the muscles higher will be the fat burning.

3. Drastically Changing Your Diet



A healthy diet will ensure a healthy body. However, be cautious when you change your diet. Changing diet needs to be a steady process. Start replacing the junk food with healthy foods step by step. Spot your worst vices and slowly weed them out of your diet. Once you’re comfortable with the new diet move to the next step and remove few more bad choices from your diet. If you try and do all the changes in one go then there are high chances you’ll fail as your body might not be able to easily adjust to the drastic change. The outcome would be you craving for the foods that you’ve excluded from your diet and you eventually giving in to the temptations. Following a steady approach will give you a better control and will help you resist the cravings.

4. Trying Too Much Too Soon

Trying Too Much Too Soon

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You have a goal in mind and are determined to achieve it as soon as you can. In a bid to meet your commitment, you tend to add more exercises, routines and machines to your list. However, experts warn against following such an approach. To get better results you might want to quickly increase your reps or increase the time spent on the machines, but doing too much too soon can increase the chances of injury. You could’ve been spending your weeks relaxing in front of TV and suddenly you’re lifting weights. Forcing your body to adapt to heavy workout too soon can have adverse effects. The best approach is, to begin with, a feasible plan that doesn’t put too much strain on your body also, it is best to consult a qualified health trainer who can devise a plan that suits your body type.

5. Skipping Cool Down


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Who wouldn’t love a hot shower after a vigorous workout session? But avoiding cool down exercising and suddenly stopping your workout can cause soreness in the muscles and you may also end up feeling dizzy. The reason is the lactic acid that is formed in the muscles during the workout. Like warm-up, it is also necessary that you perform cool down exercises post workout. Muscles tend to shrink due to the tiredness caused by the workout. A short session of cool down stretches will bring your muscles back to their relaxed position. Doesn’t matter if you’re doing weight training, cycling, running or yoga exercises, a cool down is necessary.

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Can Diabetic Patient Use Whole Body Vibration Machine?

Whole Body vibration(WBV) exercise/therapy is being considered as a helpful therapy in treating Osteoporosis, Arthritis, Back pain, Hypertension and much more. Whole Body Vibration (WBV) therapy has been observed to be a supportive agent in improving bone density, blood circulation, weight loss and much more. WBV therapy can greatly benefit diabetic patients, especially those who are suffering from Type 2 diabetes. According to an online study “physical activities and WBV therapy can greatly benefit diabetes sufferers, as it helps in maintaining a healthy weight and in controlling blood sugar levels.”

Diabetes is a serious health disease caused due to an increase in the glucose level in the blood. High level of glucose in the blood can also have an adverse effect on other parts of the body. This may lead to various cardiovascular problems including heart attack, nerve damage and chest pain.

There are mainly two types of diabetes – Diabetes Type 1 and Diabetes Type 2. Both the types of diabetes are serious to health and require immediate attention.

Diabetes Type 1 – Type 1 diabetes is caused by the automatic action of the immune condition. Here in this type of diabetes, body kills the cells that produce insulin. There will be no production of insulin in a body, as a result the glucose level increases at a tremendous rate in the blood.
Diabetes Type 2 – This type of diabetes is caused due to 2 reasons, first, when cells produce less amount of insulin and second is when produced insulin doesn’t function properly. This may increase the glucose level in blood and lead to diabetes.
Type 2 diabetes may also be caused due to some genetic and environmental factors.

The Impact Of Diabetes (Type 1 and Type 2)

Diabetes is a very serious health disease that needs to treated and managed properly before it becomes worst. Whether it is type 1 or type 2, both diabetes needs to be properly managed. If it is not treated on time it may lead to many other serious health issues like:

Cardiovascular Disease
Cardiovascular disease refers to the heart and blood vessel diseases that includes Brain stroke, nerve damage, chest pain and peripheral vascular disease. According to the UK Prospective Diabetes Study “cardiovascular disease is a major cause of death and disability in people with diabetes, accounting for 44% of fatalities in people with Type 1 diabetes and 52% in people with Type 2.”

Kidney Disease
As we all know that kidney performs various essential functions for our body. Its primary function is to clean and purify the blood and regulate the function of excretion in the human body. The kidney disease is more common in diabetic patients because increased level of glucose can easily damage the small blood vessels and lead to failure of kidneys.

Depression is a common problem that have been noticed in the diabetic patients. People having diabetes usually suffer from the diabetic burnout (refers to the state of frustration, anxiety, and disillusion). This diabetic burnout state can be harmful to physical health and can cause more health complications. It was founded in the research that “people having diabetes have weak metabolic and glycemic control.”

Sexual Dysfunction
In 2009, a world literature review stated that “the reported prevalence of erectile dysfunction was between 35% and 90% among men with diabetes Type 2.” As diabetes increases the glucose level in blood, it damages nerves and small blood vessels that lead to sexual dysfunction among diabetic patients.

How Whole Body Vibration Exercises Help Diabetic Patient?

Ddiabetes can be controlled by managing glycemia (the presence of glucose in the blood). So, to control diabetes, you need to keep glycemia in control. Many health experts believe that vibration training on whole body vibration machine can help the diabetic patients to control diabetic complications. As per online research “8 weeks of WBV training can decrease in fasting glucose in people with diabetes type 2”.
Result – After following 8-week training, it has been observed that, WBV Therapy has helped diabetic type 2 patients by stimulating the metabolic system.

Furthermore, Whole Body Vibration Training can help you control glucose level in your blood. Along with this, it also improves the muscle strength and blood circulation that helps in maintaining the glucose levels in blood. Vibration exercises are considered to be one of the most efficient tools to tackle stress. Thus, the diabetic burnout can be easily controlled by Whole Body Vibration therapy. So, if you are a diabetic patient, then you must include Whole Body Vibration Machine in your workout session.

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Vibration Machines – Do They Really Work?

When it comes to vibration platforms, there is a fair amount of confusion among the masses. Although a common sight in a gym or other fitness centres, many people are still sceptical about using vibration machine and if it would really benefit them. However, many studies have shown that vibration platforms can indeed prove to be beneficial in improving muscle strength and help lose weight.

However, unlike the commonly held notion, vibration machines are not designed to simply vibrate the user but do a lot more than that. According to Gabriel Ettenson, a Boulder, Colorado-based physical therapist “They stimulate higher levels of gravity, or increase G-forces, through a plate that oscillates up and down at varying intensities.”

These vibration machines produce controlled vibrations that cause your muscles to contract at a rapid rate and make them workout in a stimulating environment. Basically, vibration training is a kind of passive workout that pushes your body to deal with the constant force and become leaner in the process. The G-forces produced by the vibration machines provide a lot of benefits including improved blood circulation, bone density and improved balance. Vibration platforms have also been observed to be effective in helping people suffering from muscle disorders and osteoporosis, says Ettenson.

According to Ettenson, the machines offer the most benefits when movements are done on them instead of simply standing on them. However, the reason behind the bad reputation these vibration machines have earned is due to a huge discrepancy in the quality of platforms that are available in the market. Many of the machines available in the market are absolutely ineffective.

“On one end, there are extremely expensive, cutting-edge-engineering vibration platforms,” he says. “On the other end are junky platforms that are the worst gimmicks you could imagine.” Researchers have also suggested that quality of the vibration machine is something that is not anticipated by the most. If you observe hundreds of studies you’ll see a varied level of results. However, if you take into account the quality of machines used in the studies, the results are excitingly positive with top-quality machines that deliver high levels of G-forces. Ettenson explains, “Most ‘failed’ studies were conducted on sub-par machines, and that’s why they failed to produce any substantial results.”

Ettenson further explains that as more number of fitness professionals are learning about the different types of platforms, they are know beginning to acknowledge its benefits although they dismissed it initially. “Health clubs had been pretty closed off to vibration training because manufacturers put chintzy platforms in gyms early on, which gave people a bad taste,” he says. Further, the claims made by many of the vibration machine manufacturers that ‘It’s equal to an hour at the gym’ enraged many fitness professionals and trainers. And the anger of the professionals was somewhat justified. If you consider the researches, it is quite evident that vibration machines provide additional benefits and in no way are a substitute to your regular workout or running sessions. In a nutshell, workout performed using vibration platforms will produce more results than the same amount of workout performed off the platform.

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Vibration Training on Vibration Machine – Reality Check

Who wouldn’t like to have something that would let one improve one’s fitness and tone muscles by simply standing on a machine? Wouldn’t it be great that the machine would do all the work of burning calories, losing weight and building muscles while you enjoy your favourite TV show?

Whole body vibration machines are something you would be aware of if you have ever browsed the internet for new fitness products and weight loss products. These machines have been propounded as wonder machines that helps you get fitter and healthier and are also a common sight in GYMs and fitness centres.

  • Vibration Training is considered as the next big thing in the arena of fitness. What it can really help accomplish is still a topic of discussion. However, there are a few things that you should know:
  • Vibration machines are not a fad but have been backed by serious scientific research that has proven that it offers a lot of benefits if used properly and with proper diet.
  • The market is flooded with cheap machines. These not only are just money making gimmick but also can turn out to be dangerous to your health and also doesn’t even deliver the legit benefits of vibration machines.
  • Buying a cheap machine is a big NO! Planting a cheap machine in front of your TV and spending hours on it won’t speed up your weight loss. Rather it will only cause some serious health issues.

So, how to differentiate the fraudulent claims from the legitimate ones and choose the Vibration Training that might help you get fit and healthy? Well, to begin with, vibration training is not something new but has been around since the 1970s. It was basically being used by the astronauts to overcome the bad effects of weightlessness and inactivity they experienced in space. Today, these are being used by almost everyone from professional sports teams to everyday fitness enthusiasts to improve their physical performance and enhance their rate of recovery from injuries.

Vibration Training – How It Works

During vibration training, your muscles are forced to contract and expand at a faster rate making you use more of your muscle fibre. While doing normal movements like walking or running you basically utilise around 40%-60% of fibre in your muscles. This process is managed by your neuromuscular system which knows what amount of muscle fibre should be activated to achieve a given amount of work.

Vibration training, however, tricks your system to think that a high-performance activity is being done and this, in turn, activates all the muscle fibres to manage a somewhat constant level of muscle contraction. This also allows performing harder workout while you’re doing it using whole body vibration machines. The effect of vibration training includes increased blood flow, better muscles and bone health and faster recovery.

Many types of research have been undertaken that have proven that vibration training helps increase strength and improves the rate of recovery. Besides this, it also improves your body awareness and balance. However, all this doesn’t happen magically, but there are certain conditions under which all these benefits are provided. The secret is to use correct frequency of vibration and right amplitude to reap the legitimate benefits of vibration machines. Now, a manufacturer with quality vibration platforms will always provide a guide that would include all the information regarding the settings, vibration frequency and which settings are best for what purpose. However, before you go and buy a vibration machine it is best to discuss it with your doctor.

Vibration Training- What it Can’t Do

Well, vibration training is in no way a substitute for your actual exercise regimen. Simply standing on a vibrating platform won’t build our muscles or burn fat. Rather, it won’t do anything at all. The way to reap its benefits is using the machine to perform your workouts or use it for warm-up immediately before your workout sessions. This will assist you to activate more muscle fibre and work more rigorously and the outcome will be great results.

Vibration Training – A Word Of Caution

Vibration machines should not be used by pregnant women or those having some spinal or other medical conditions.

Use it with controlled vibrations for a time period not exceeding than 15 minutes at a time. It has proven to be beneficial for people suffering from osteoporosis as all your organs and skeletal system get a good level of workout. Don’t use it like your cardio workout sessions for 30-60 minutes as you may develop the risk of developing issues like hormonal imbalance, hypothyroidism and even failure of organs.

Final Verdict – Should Vibration Machines be used?

  • If you’re an athlete or workout on a regular basis and intend to add some more rigour to your workout sessions, then vibration platform is a great option for you.
  • If you’ve been facing problems with body awareness or balance, working out on vibration machines can prove to be beneficial for you. But first, consult your doctor.
  • If you have been suffering from some medical condition that prevents you from performing regular exercises, using vibration platform may assist you in improving bone density and maintaining muscle tone. However, don’t use it on your own, ask your doctor or therapist to set up a session for you.
  • If you’re searching for something that would help you to burn calories and burn fat without you doing any hard work, well vibration platform won’t work for you.
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How Can You Stay Away From Negative Effect Of Ageing. Read This…

As we all know that ageing is a natural and an unavoidable process. When human being grows older, their health starts to decline with the age. It is being considered that there are various factors that can be responsible for early ageing including environmental, emotional and hormonal factors. When human being starts ageing, some natural changes can occur in the skin like skin getting stretchy and loose, rough skin and skin becoming fragile. Ageing makes the skin’s blood vessel walls thin and as a result skin becomes more bruised.

Well, we can’t go away from the ageing process, but one thing we can do is that we can diminishes the negative effects of ageing. Physical activities and regular exercises are considered to be a foolproof method to get rid of various ailments. In fact, some recent online surveys show that “people having health problems like diabetes, arthritis, acute joint pain, acute back pain, heart diseases are getting benefits from regular exercises.”

Furthermore, incorporating some light exercise in your daily or weekly routine can not only reduce the negative effects of ageing but it can also keep you away from other serious health diseases.

In this article we’ll going to provide you with the list of great exercises that can help you to diminishes the negative effects of ageing. But before that , we would like to share some natural tips and tricks with you that can help you to keep yourselves away from negative effects of ageing.

1.  Control Your Weight
As human beings begin to age they can easily loose their muscles which can cause the body to lose its calories burning capacity and gain weight quickly. But there is a solution to every problem, whole body vibration training & regular exercises can contribute to the development of muscles and it also improves muscular strength.

2. Keep Blood Pressure moderate
High/Low blood pressure is a common problem among the elder people. Some of them have an acute problem of high blood pressure because their arteries and veins have become thick due to ageing. This stiffness in veins and arteries makes it hard for the heart to circulate the blood in all the directions. This, in turn, leads to high blood pressure. So, it is important to keep your blood pressure moderate. There are various ways to keep the blood pressure in control like regular cardiovascular vibration exercises, walking and dancing. Exercising on Whole body vibration machines can can make your heart strong and keep it healthy.

3. Keep Your Digestive System Healthy
Sometimes the negative effects of ageing can affect digestive health. There could be many reasons for poor digestion like improper diet, irregular eating, medical conditions and much more. This, in turn, makes you exhaustive, and inactive. In this case, fibre rich diet, green leafy vegetables, plenty of water are considered to be great healing agents. A regular or weekly whole body vibration exercise can improve your digestion health.

4. Boost Your Memory
Human memory is the thing that influenced most by the negative effect of ageing that’s why elder people frequently forget about things. They start loosing their memory. So, to boost your memory, it is important to conduct regular whole body vibration exercises. Vibration exercises not only boost your physical health but it improves your mental health too. Various nutrients-rich foods include green vegetables and fruits and can help you improve your memory. Some activities like playing mental puzzles and Sudoku can help you to improve your mental health.

5. Boost Your Skin Health
As discussed above, the negative effect of ageing makes the skin’s blood vessel walls thin and reduces the blood flow among them. This will result in wrinkle and stretchy skin. But a regular or weekly workout session on whole body vibration machine can increase the blood flow among the blood vessel wall and can improve your skin health.

So, these were the 5 effective natural tips that can not only scale down the negative effects of ageing, but these tips can work as a natural healing agent for other health problems.aging

Whole Body Vibration Exercises That Reduces The Negative Effects Of Ageing

Here in this section, we will list some essential whole body vibration exercises that not only keep you away from the negative impact of ageing but it also serves you other benefits including strong muscles, improve balance and much more. These are proven exercises listed by the health and fitness experts of HyperVibe. Make sure that don’t skip any of this exercise.

  • Lumbosacral release
  • Hip circles
  • Step-ups
  • Low back side bends
  • Alternating knee lifts
  • Low back rotations
  • Pelvic tilts
  • Low back extension
  • Basic stance
  • Squats

Proven Studies And Research That Show Benefits Of WBV Exercise On Aged People

“6 weeks of whole body vibration exercises can improve balance, motor capacity and gait in the elderly, contributing to a better quality of life and reducing the risk of falls in this population”. Study By NCBI

Another research conducted by Korean Researcher states that ”15 minutes of whole body vibration training per day, 3 times a week, for 6 weeks, at a frequency of 18-27 Hz, on a horizontal WBV platform can significantly improve balance and fear of falling in seniors”. Study Published By Korean Researchers In NCBI

“A 12-week whole body vibration intervention can significantly improve muscle strength in the lower body and contribute to better balance, leading to a better functional independence measure (FIM) in this population”. Study Published in HyperVibe Blog

These are some proven benefits that can help you to understand better that why you should Include vibration machines into your regular or weekly workout sessions. WBV exercises can be the ultimate solution for various ailments including back pain, Osteoporosis, hormonal imbalance and much more.

Hope these tips and exercises can reduces the negative impacts of ageing and can also help you in achieving your desired health goals. Take care of your body posture and frequency range of WBV machine, it should be optimal that can give you a better results. If you have something to add to this article Or want to share your thoughts with us? Comment below, we will be glad to help you out.

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Vibration Machines – It’s All About Right Vibrations

Health and fitness is a new year resolution for many. All of us do realise the importance of health and fitness. With the life moving at a fast pace and everyone trying to squeeze in more things in less time, health many a times gets neglected. The fitness industry has felt the pulse of the masses and the result has been in the form of whole body vibration machines. These machines are gradually gaining popularity in the health and fitness industry. The vibration machines generally comprise a large vibrating plate. Besides this, the vibration machine is used with a multitude of accessories such as aerobic steps, exercise mats, bath mats, rubber/foam tiles and platforms. These machines offer a whole body workout in a short span of time. The machine sends controlled vibrations that cause rapid contraction and relaxation of muscles.

To reap the maximum benefits of whole body vibration machines, it is crucial that you know the basic settings about the vibration machines. Following are the two important variables which you should adjust as per your requirements.

 Frequency – The velocity at which the platform cycles.
Amplitude – The distance travelled by the vibration platform in a vertical direction.

The different levels of frequency basically are concerned with the number of times your muscles will be stimulated in a second. The Amplitude, on the other hand, is concerned with how strong the vibrations are and basically is the amount of force exerted on your body. Workout session on a vibration machine is guided by the way you stabilise yourself and the blood flow through your body, and it can be difficult at times. Research has also shown that different levels have varied effect in your body. So, the level of your workout session and the amplitude and frequency should be as per the goal you wish to achieve. This will also determine what frequency you should adjust while performing workouts using vibration machines. Whole body vibration machines can be broadly classified into two categories:

  1. Pivotal
  2. Lineal

Pivotal – These are also known as oscillating Whole Body Vibration Platforms. With lower frequencies and higher amplitudes, these machines offer great workout options. The reason for this is that most of the vibration machines available in the market nowadays offers frequency ranging from 11 – 14 Hz.

Lineal – Referred to as Vertical Whole Body Vibration platforms, its has a number of variants such as 3D vibration. These machines are a great option when it comes to offering higher frequencies and lower amplitudes.

However, there is still a fair amount of confusion when it comes to choosing the right amount of vibrations that suits your fitness goal.



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Effects Of Whole Body Vibration On Hormone Level

In simple words, Hormones are the chemical substances or messengers that are formed in endocrine glands inside our body. These chemical substances play an essential role in controlling functions of our body. Our hormone keep control over basic needs like sleep and hunger to complex needs including mood swings and reproduction. Furthermore, Hormones manage and supervise human health.

Major Types Of Hormones
There are numerous different types of hormones present in our body. These different hormones play a different role. To give you better insight into the roles of hormones, we have compiled a table that will give you a detailed information on the Hormones & its role.

Major Types Of Hormones


Table source

Effects Of Body Vibration Exercise On Hormones Level
We know that some exercises like weight lifting have an adverse effect on the production of certain hormones. Similarly, body vibration exercise effects our hormone levels. Let’s see how body vibration exercise can increase or decrease the hormone level in human body.

In this section, we will show how Body Vibration Exercises effect Growth and Cortisol Hormone.

Growth Hormone
Growth Hormone is also known as HGH that is Human Growth Hormone produced by the pituitary gland. This hormone is produced at the base of the brain that looks after growth, cell growth, regeneration of cells. It also contributes to the child’s growth and maintains our tissues & organs to ensure a healthy life. Along with this, growth hormone play a crucial role in the heart functions and manages the fat metabolism and boost the protein elements in our body.

Effect Of Body Vibration Exercise On Growth Hormone Level
Growth Hormone can contribute in lowering body fat and boost the muscles’ strength. “Body vibration exercise can boost the production of growth hormone in obese people” says researchers. Research conducted by NCBI concluded that “body vibration workout can increase the release of growth hormone in obese women”. So, body vibration exercise can easily melt away the body fats and increase the muscular strength.

Research Source

Cortisol Hormone
Cortisol Hormone is also known as Steroid Hormone produced by adrenal glands. This substance is released in higher amount especially during acute stress. Cortisol hormone manages fats, carbs, blood sugar level, and blood pressure. The increase in the level of cortisol can bring a serious threat to human health. It will lead to various heath issues like increasing blood sugar level, reducing bone strength, high blood pressure and much more. Too much production of cortisol can result in weak immune function and lower bone density.

Effect Of Body Vibration Exercise On Cortisol Hormone Level
“Body vibration exercise training can decrease the production of cortisol while maximising muscle stimulation”. According to HyperVibe team, “10 minutes of whole body vibration exercises can reduce the production of cortisol by up to 32% and increase the release of human growth hormone by 320% to 464%”.
Research Source

Wrap Up
There are numerous researches that have proven how whole body vibration training can be an effective solution for reducing stress and keeping blood pressure moderate. Hormones help in reducing body fat and increase muscular strength. Including vibration machines into your regular workout sessions, will keep your hormone level in control and help you achieve desired health results. If you have something to add to this article Or want to share your thoughts with us? Please comment below.


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Suffering from Back Pain? Try These Whole Body Vibration Exercises

In this fast paced lifestyle everything is influenced by technology. We work in offices where we spend a lot of time in front of computer. This continuous sitting in the wrong posture may cause a serious problem of back pain. Back muscles affect your overall body strength, body postures and physical appearance. “In the US, 60% to 80% of adults experience mild back pain at some point in their lives“. Back pain in many cases has adversely affected the personal as well as social life of the victims experiencing it. But there is a solution to every problem. In today’s article, we will take a look at the various causes of the back pain and suggest some exercises that can be easily performed using whole body vibration machines for a relief from backache.

Possible Causes Of Back Pain

Before going to the causes of back pain. Let’s first see the classification of back pain. The back pain is of two types –

Acute back pain – It is a short-term back pain that lasts for a few days or a few weeks. Sometimes daily household activities can trigger acute backpain. The possible causes of Acute back pain are as follows:

  • Sitting in a wrong posture
  • Overstretching the body
  • Twisting body awkwardly
  • Driving for long period

Chronic back pain – It is a long-term back pain that last for more than 3 months. The chronic back pain is progressive in nature and can get worse over the time. The main causes of Chronic back pain are as follows:

  • Pain in the nervous system
  • Emotional state of the person
  • Depression & Anxiety
  • A slipped disc

Top 5 Vibration Exercises for Strengthning Back Muscles

If you are suffering from acute or chronic back pain, worry not, try these top 5 exercises that you can easily perform on the vibration machines. These exercises will not only help you to get rid of your back pain but will also improve your muscular strength.

Reverse push-ups
If you have back pain, Reverse push-ups can be an effective exercise for you. This exercise targets mainly shoulders, upper arms, chest and back muscles. All you need to do is to set the frequency of the machine, then keep the feet on the platform’s edge and start your workout. To make your workout session more effective and stimulative, set the machine at a lower frequency and bring your feet closer to the center.

How To Do

Lateral Raise
Lateral Raise is an another smart option to get rid of Back pain. This exercise focuses on shoulders as well as upper body. In this workout, all you have to do is, first set the frequency range of your machine and stand on the machine for at least 1 minutes and perform lateral raise. This exercise improves the strength of your shoulders and muscles.

How To Do

Plank is another vibration exercise that helps you to improve your back muscles and help ease back pain. The Plank exercise especially targets both back area and abdominal muscles simultaneously. This workout session may be tough to perform, but it is considered to be one of the perfect ways to improve the posture of the body. You have to take care of the frequency range. Set the machine on the optimal frequency to get the desired health result.

How To Do

Lower Back
The Lower Back exercise can be a perfect way to release the tension from the back muscles. You can even perform this exercise after plank and push-ups because lower back exercise relaxes your body after the intense workout.Simply set the machine to the lower frequency and stand on it. You will feel the vibrations in your lower back area that will relax your upper body and lower back.

How To Do

Basic stance
Basic Instance exercise focuses on the different areas of the body including the buttocks, legs, abdomen and back muscles. You can perform basic stance in a more intense way, all you have to do is just select higher frequency and then perform this exercise. The major benefits of performing this exercise are it improves the bone density and help manage the overall body weight.

How To Do

Including vibration machines into your regular workout sessions, will not only solve the problem of your back pain but will also improve your desired health results. These above top 5 exercise will help you improve your muscular strengthen, bone density and body posture. Hope this article will help you combat back pain. All you need to take care of is your body posture and frequency range. If you have something to add to this article Or want to share your thoughts with us? Comment below, we will be glad to help you out.


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Vibration Machines For Better Weight Loss

Fed up with your weight related issues? Looking for a way to reduce your weight? When planning to lose weight, the most apprehensible approach is to put a tab on your calorie intake and burn more and more calories. The former can be achieved by preparing a proper diet plan while for the latter one the best way is to work out properly. However, calculating the calorie burn is a tough task as it requires considering a number of variables such as age, height, weight, heart rate, the rate of oxygen intake and level of fitness.

So, what should you do to burn more calories? A cardio workout or a body vibration workout? It has been observed that workout session on a vibration machine help you burn 10-12 calories per minute compared to 7 to 8 calories being burnt in a cardio workout session. Accordingly, a 10-minute workout on vibration machines will help you burn around 200-500 calories. A type of resistance training, working out on vibration machines aids in burning fat and unhealthy cellulite. These vibration machines send out controlled vibrations to your body that causes your muscles to contract at a higher rate leading to burning of fat. For a better and the best experience, you can combine your regular workouts with the workouts on vibration machines. You can perform a variety of exercises such as stretching, yoga and pilates using these vibration machines. Using the platform on the vibration machines the result of your regular exercises will be improved substantially.

How Vibrations Machines Work

These vibration machines send out vibrations to your body that makes around 90% of your body to work, causing your muscles to react to the impetus created by the vibrations. The effect of the workout also depends on the kind of workout and the parts the body you target; the effect is, burning of glucose and oxygen at a higher rate and making the heart beat faster and pump more blood and oxygen to your body. This, in turn, accelerates the weight loss process and also improves muscle strength due to the burning of more energy. The training sessions on vibration machines can be categorised into the following three categories:

  • Type of Vibration Platform
  • Body Posture
  • The direction of Vibrations (sideways, front and back or up and down)

Including the use of vibration machines into your regular workout session is bound to provide a much better health results and an accelerated weight loss. Either you’re an athlete or an individual who loves to work out, vibration machines will benefit you alike. Other added advantages of using vibration machines include better metabolism, improved flexibility, better blood circulation, stronger muscles and a more fit and healthy body.

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