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Thinking To Start a Workout? Avoid These 5 Mistakes

Fitness is the call to take your body to the next level. Being fit is not only a gift but a great feeling. If you are a first timer planning to take up a workout routine then you need to know a few key things to ensure that you reap maximum benefits from your workout sessions.

1. Warm-up


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In this fast paced life, you may give in to the temptation of skipping the warm-up and try to spend more time on your workout routine. A warm-up, however, is necessary before any type or exercise. It decreases the chances of injury by increasing the blood flow and temperature of your body and making your muscles more flexible. It also prepares your nervous and cardiovascular system for the workout to be followed. Skipping your warm-up session means your muscles will still be stiff and your body will be highly prone to injuries during your brutal workout session. Also, ensure that your warm-up session focuses the muscles that will be taking maximum stress during the workout.

2. Focussing Only On Cardio

Focussing Only On Cardio

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Cardio exercises no doubt help you keep healthy by burning calories. But focussing only on cardio won’t be enough. As we age, we tend to lose muscles due to inactivity. This loss in muscles will not only increase your chances of falling but can also lead to a slower metabolism. To safeguard yourself from this you need to include strength and resistance training as a part of your workout routine. These exercises will not help make your body stronger but will also boost your metabolism and build muscles. Muscles are like natural fat burners that burn calories even when you’re resting. So, more the muscles higher will be the fat burning.

3. Drastically Changing Your Diet


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A healthy diet will ensure a healthy body. However, be cautious when you change your diet. Changing diet needs to be a steady process. Start replacing the junk food with healthy foods step by step. Spot your worst vices and slowly weed them out of your diet. Once you’re comfortable with the new diet move to the next step and remove few more bad choices from your diet. If you try and do all the changes in one go then there are high chances you’ll fail as your body might not be able to easily adjust to the drastic change. The outcome would be you craving for the foods that you’ve excluded from your diet and you eventually giving in to the temptations. Following a steady approach will give you a better control and will help you resist the cravings.

4. Trying Too Much Too Soon

Trying Too Much Too Soon

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You have a goal in mind and are determined to achieve it as soon as you can. In a bid to meet your commitment, you tend to add more exercises, routines and machines to your list. However, experts warn against following such an approach. To get better results you might want to quickly increase your reps or increase the time spent on the machines, but doing too much too soon can increase the chances of injury. You could’ve been spending your weeks relaxing in front of TV and suddenly you’re lifting weights. Forcing your body to adapt to heavy workout too soon can have adverse effects. The best approach is, to begin with, a feasible plan that doesn’t put too much strain on your body also, it is best to consult a qualified health trainer who can devise a plan that suits your body type.

5. Skipping Cool Down


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Who wouldn’t love a hot shower after a vigorous workout session? But avoiding cool down exercising and suddenly stopping your workout can cause soreness in the muscles and you may also end up feeling dizzy. The reason is the lactic acid that is formed in the muscles during the workout. Like warm-up, it is also necessary that you perform cool down exercises post workout. Muscles tend to shrink due to the tiredness caused by the workout. A short session of cool down stretches will bring your muscles back to their relaxed position. Doesn’t matter if you’re doing weight training, cycling, running or yoga exercises, a cool down is necessary.

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