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Considerations For Buying Vibration Exercise Machines

Over the time Whole Body Vibration (WBV) machines have gained so much of popularity that, now varieties of WBV machines easily available at online stores and in markets. However, all that glitters is not gold and neither are all the vibrations machines effective. What really matter is the quality and for WBC machines, there are a basically three types available in the market namely Professional-Grade, Standard WBV machines and Low quality WBV machines. According to health & fitness experts “inferior and plain quality WBV machines comprises weak motors and poor amplitude that can provide an inadequate amount of vibrations & improper motion to the body.” So, it is important to buy professional-grade that have been rigorously tested to help you achieve your desired health objectives.

So, in today’s blog, we have compiled some important points that should be kept in mind while buying a WBV machine. These points can help you get the finest quality WBV machines that can make your workout session easy and effective.

Medical Information
Whole Body Vibration (WBV) machines can be used as a supportive agent to treat various health issues. This is the main reason that WBV is also being used for therapy purpose for weight loss, general rehabilitation, osteoporosis and much more. But, if you want to use or buy WBV machines for therapeutic purpose, then you need to be more careful because all WBV machines are not designed for therapeutic use. So, we’ll recommend you to get a machine that has been approved by a doctor or a health expert.

Frequency Range
Another crucial thing you need to check while buying WBV machine is its Frequency Range. Frequency refers to the number of times platform vibrates in a second. Frequency range plays a crucial role in our workout session. An optimal vibration frequency range can help you gain a better body. However, higher frequencies can create an adverse effect on your muscles and body and lower frequencies will not provide enough benefit. Many researchers & experts have observed that “peak frequency range for benefiting the muscles is 18-27 vibrations a second or Hertz (Hz).”

Vibration Platform
There are basically two types of Vibration Platforms – Oscillating Platform & Vertical Platform. As per different researches & studies, an Oscillating platform that vibrates on a pivotal point creates robust and smooth vibration movements.

Durability Of Machine
While buying WBV machine always look for the durability and stability of the WBV machine. Sometimes overuse and intense movement can exert pressure on the parts of machines and cause various defects in the machine like loosening of screws and bolts and causing unnecessary shaking that reduces the quality & life of the machine. Always opt for stable and long-lasting vibration machines that can work perfectly for a longer time.

Additional Accessories
We highly recommend that you buy additional accessories with WBV machines that can provide you with an effective and a safe way to perform WBV exercises. These extra accessories include supporting mats, supporting cushions, training handbooks & DVDs, and much more. These accessories can help you get maximum results from your workout sessions.

There are many considerations that you need to keep in mind while purchasing quality grade WBV machines, but the above points are the key considerations to help you buy a professional and rigorously tested WBV machine that would help achieve desired fitness goals. So, be wise and attentive while choosing WBV machines for your commercial or professional use. If you have any suggestions, need to add something to this article, or have any queries, you can post them below, we will surely help you out.

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