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Vibration Machines – Do They Really Work?

When it comes to vibration platforms, there is a fair amount of confusion among the masses. Although a common sight in a gym or other fitness centres, many people are still sceptical about using vibration machine and if it would really benefit them. However, many studies have shown that vibration platforms can indeed prove to be beneficial in improving muscle strength and help lose weight.

However, unlike the commonly held notion, vibration machines are not designed to simply vibrate the user but do a lot more than that. According to Gabriel Ettenson, a Boulder, Colorado-based physical therapist “They stimulate higher levels of gravity, or increase G-forces, through a plate that oscillates up and down at varying intensities.”

These vibration machines produce controlled vibrations that cause your muscles to contract at a rapid rate and make them workout in a stimulating environment. Basically, vibration training is a kind of passive workout that pushes your body to deal with the constant force and become leaner in the process. The G-forces produced by the vibration machines provide a lot of benefits including improved blood circulation, bone density and improved balance. Vibration platforms have also been observed to be effective in helping people suffering from muscle disorders and osteoporosis, says Ettenson.

According to Ettenson, the machines offer the most benefits when movements are done on them instead of simply standing on them. However, the reason behind the bad reputation these vibration machines have earned is due to a huge discrepancy in the quality of platforms that are available in the market. Many of the machines available in the market are absolutely ineffective.

“On one end, there are extremely expensive, cutting-edge-engineering vibration platforms,” he says. “On the other end are junky platforms that are the worst gimmicks you could imagine.” Researchers have also suggested that quality of the vibration machine is something that is not anticipated by the most. If you observe hundreds of studies you’ll see a varied level of results. However, if you take into account the quality of machines used in the studies, the results are excitingly positive with top-quality machines that deliver high levels of G-forces. Ettenson explains, “Most ‘failed’ studies were conducted on sub-par machines, and that’s why they failed to produce any substantial results.”

Ettenson further explains that as more number of fitness professionals are learning about the different types of platforms, they are know beginning to acknowledge its benefits although they dismissed it initially. “Health clubs had been pretty closed off to vibration training because manufacturers put chintzy platforms in gyms early on, which gave people a bad taste,” he says. Further, the claims made by many of the vibration machine manufacturers that ‘It’s equal to an hour at the gym’ enraged many fitness professionals and trainers. And the anger of the professionals was somewhat justified. If you consider the researches, it is quite evident that vibration machines provide additional benefits and in no way are a substitute to your regular workout or running sessions. In a nutshell, workout performed using vibration platforms will produce more results than the same amount of workout performed off the platform.

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