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Vibration Machines- The Right Way To a Healthy Living

Vibration machines are gradually becoming popular among the fitness enthusiasts. Today, these can be easily spotted at homes and have also become a part of Gyms. However, when it comes to exercising on vibration machines, there are many myths and false beliefs still prevalent among the people. One of the reasons is the fact that vibration machines are still new in many countries. This has also led to many people being misled by the false information.

An Overview

Vibration machines today are easily available for use. However, initially, it was used by the scientists in Russia to help astronauts fight muscle loss. Vibration machine basically comprises a plate or a platform where a user can stand along with handles bar to support their stance. This machine can be used for different kind of static as well as dynamic movements. One can perform one’s workout routine sitting, standing and kneeling or can do stretch exercises using these machines. Be it your regular gym routine or yoga poses, these machines are fit for all kind of fitness activities.

The machine has been designed in such a way that it send controlled therapeutic vibrations to the body. These vibrations cause rapid contractions of muscles or causes stretch reflex, in other words. This rapid contraction of muscles has same effect on your body as working out in a gym. This also leads to a continuous stress on your muscles which in turn aids in improvement in bone density and strength. Besides this, other benefits of using vibration machines include better flexibility, improved metabolism, higher calorie burning, improvement in oxygen intake, better blood circulation and much more. Work out sessions using vibration machines offer multiple benefits even in shorter workout sessions. In other words, vibration machines are next gen machines that offer greater benefits even in short duration.

Working on Vibration Machines

  • Performing workouts on vibration machines is simple. Just remember the following points.
  • Familiarise yourself with all the functions and features of the whole body vibration machines. Refer to the user manual for correct information.
  • Begin with a basic level. It is better to keep the intensity of vibrations to a comfortable level in the beginning. Don’t directly jump to higher vibration settings.
  • As you get comfortable and used to the workout sessions, increase the speed every other day.
  • Gradually increase the speed as well as the duration of the session to a maximum of 15 minutes.

A 15 minutes workout session on a vibration machine is equivalent to a 1 hour of a traditional workout session. The hertz that are used to define the level of vibration basically refers to the rate at which vibrations are produced. In other words, workout session with intensity level at 20 hertz means your muscles are contracting at the rate of 20 contractions per second. You can always combine different workout poses with the level of intensity to challenge yourself and achieve better results. While higher speeds are for more intense sessions, speed under 15 hertz are best suited for relaxation, recovery and stretching sessions. Make sure you do not use it for more than 15 minutes in total.


However, keep one thing in mind that workout session with vibration machines should not be seen as a replacement for your morning or evening walks. These machines basically improve your existing routines and provide a relief from some health conditions. Many types of research have been carried out to observe the benefits of using vibration machines. According to a research, vibration machines have proven to increase bone density in post-menopausal women. These results were derived from a 6 months research, wherein, women were made to use the machine in a squat position for 5 cycles, 3 times a week. These machines therefore, really offer great health benefits and can be made a part of your daily routine for a healthy lifestyle.

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