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Vibration Training on Vibration Machine – Reality Check

Who wouldn’t like to have something that would let one improve one’s fitness and tone muscles by simply standing on a machine? Wouldn’t it be great that the machine would do all the work of burning calories, losing weight and building muscles while you enjoy your favourite TV show?

Whole body vibration machines are something you would be aware of if you have ever browsed the internet for new fitness products and weight loss products. These machines have been propounded as wonder machines that helps you get fitter and healthier and are also a common sight in GYMs and fitness centres.

  • Vibration Training is considered as the next big thing in the arena of fitness. What it can really help accomplish is still a topic of discussion. However, there are a few things that you should know:
  • Vibration machines are not a fad but have been backed by serious scientific research that has proven that it offers a lot of benefits if used properly and with proper diet.
  • The market is flooded with cheap machines. These not only are just money making gimmick but also can turn out to be dangerous to your health and also doesn’t even deliver the legit benefits of vibration machines.
  • Buying a cheap machine is a big NO! Planting a cheap machine in front of your TV and spending hours on it won’t speed up your weight loss. Rather it will only cause some serious health issues.

So, how to differentiate the fraudulent claims from the legitimate ones and choose the Vibration Training that might help you get fit and healthy? Well, to begin with, vibration training is not something new but has been around since the 1970s. It was basically being used by the astronauts to overcome the bad effects of weightlessness and inactivity they experienced in space. Today, these are being used by almost everyone from professional sports teams to everyday fitness enthusiasts to improve their physical performance and enhance their rate of recovery from injuries.

Vibration Training – How It Works

During vibration training, your muscles are forced to contract and expand at a faster rate making you use more of your muscle fibre. While doing normal movements like walking or running you basically utilise around 40%-60% of fibre in your muscles. This process is managed by your neuromuscular system which knows what amount of muscle fibre should be activated to achieve a given amount of work.

Vibration training, however, tricks your system to think that a high-performance activity is being done and this, in turn, activates all the muscle fibres to manage a somewhat constant level of muscle contraction. This also allows performing harder workout while you’re doing it using whole body vibration machines. The effect of vibration training includes increased blood flow, better muscles and bone health and faster recovery.

Many types of research have been undertaken that have proven that vibration training helps increase strength and improves the rate of recovery. Besides this, it also improves your body awareness and balance. However, all this doesn’t happen magically, but there are certain conditions under which all these benefits are provided. The secret is to use correct frequency of vibration and right amplitude to reap the legitimate benefits of vibration machines. Now, a manufacturer with quality vibration platforms will always provide a guide that would include all the information regarding the settings, vibration frequency and which settings are best for what purpose. However, before you go and buy a vibration machine it is best to discuss it with your doctor.

Vibration Training- What it Can’t Do

Well, vibration training is in no way a substitute for your actual exercise regimen. Simply standing on a vibrating platform won’t build our muscles or burn fat. Rather, it won’t do anything at all. The way to reap its benefits is using the machine to perform your workouts or use it for warm-up immediately before your workout sessions. This will assist you to activate more muscle fibre and work more rigorously and the outcome will be great results.

Vibration Training – A Word Of Caution

Vibration machines should not be used by pregnant women or those having some spinal or other medical conditions.

Use it with controlled vibrations for a time period not exceeding than 15 minutes at a time. It has proven to be beneficial for people suffering from osteoporosis as all your organs and skeletal system get a good level of workout. Don’t use it like your cardio workout sessions for 30-60 minutes as you may develop the risk of developing issues like hormonal imbalance, hypothyroidism and even failure of organs.

Final Verdict – Should Vibration Machines be used?

  • If you’re an athlete or workout on a regular basis and intend to add some more rigour to your workout sessions, then vibration platform is a great option for you.
  • If you’ve been facing problems with body awareness or balance, working out on vibration machines can prove to be beneficial for you. But first, consult your doctor.
  • If you have been suffering from some medical condition that prevents you from performing regular exercises, using vibration platform may assist you in improving bone density and maintaining muscle tone. However, don’t use it on your own, ask your doctor or therapist to set up a session for you.
  • If you’re searching for something that would help you to burn calories and burn fat without you doing any hard work, well vibration platform won’t work for you.

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